Best intermediate electronic cigarette kits

Quite a number of people have often found it a bit challenging to choose the best intermediate electronic cigarette kit. Ever since they were introduced, several brands have been produced, a factor which has made making the right choice some rather daunting task. The best option basically varies depending on the unique needs of an individual. There are however some favorite intermediate electronic cigarette kits available in the market. Some of the best intermediate kits include:

Jacvapour 510

Numerous of those who use this kit have revealed that it is a great electronic cigarette kit. The kit comes in a faux leather zip carry case which is kind of cute. In the case, the contents are 2 X Manual 510 Batteries (Choice of 400/650/900/1300 mAh), 1 X Evod 2 clearomiser with 1.50hm coil (rebuild-able), 1 2.0 ohm spare coils as well as a USB Charging cable. One of the features that should help you determine whether or not you are choosing the right kit is the battery responsiveness. With regards to this issue, the 510 has proven to be an amazing option. Both batteries have great responsiveness. all that you will need to do to get the best results is to keep them charged. You are hence saved the trouble of having to stir the battery up to get it up and going. Filling in the tank with e liquid is also pretty easy.

Innokin MVP 3

Looking for something stylish and innovative? Try out the MVP 3. One buys the kit in a standard Innokin Perspex case with an outer sleeve. The case comes complete with a 1 X MVP 3 (3800 mAh), 1 X EGO Adapter, Manual together with a USB Charging Cable. The quality and design of the MVP 3 is undoubtedly standard. One of the characteristics of this e cig is the OLED screen which makes it pretty easy to use. The positioning of the power button, that is, on the side, is also a feature that most of the users have come to like. The performance of this e cig is amazing with a more powerful battery that you could even use to charge your phone.

Aspire PREMIUM Kit – Nautilus Mini & CF VV+

With an adjustable airflow control, this kit puts more control in the hands of the user. The kit is made of the following contents: 1 x Aspire Nautilus Mini, 1 x Aspire CF VV+ Battery, 5 x 1.8 ohm BVC Coils, 1 x USB Charger, 1 x UK style plug and a Manual ta make it easier to use. The battery also responds pretty well and there is an indicator that shows you when it is almost time to recharge.

Kanger EVOD Mega Starter Kit Free Shipping

A kit that comes in a variety of colors with the contents 1 x EVOD Mega rechargeable battery (1900mAh regulated at 3.7v), 1 x EVOD Mega clearomizer (2.5ml), 1 x 1.5ohm Dual Coil (inside tank), 1 x Micro USB charger together with a 1 x User Manual. The battery is powerful and can support up to a whole day of vaping. Its design is also rather attractive.

Best beginner electronic cigarette kits

Electronic cigarettes are fast taking the center stage in the entire smoking arena. This could be attributed to the fact that it has numerous benefits to the smoker. Some of the most popular advantages is the fact that it does less harm on the health of the smoker and compared to tobacco cigs, it is relatively affordable. With many people turning to the e cigs as an alternative to smoking, one could just be in question of which beginner e cigarette kits are the best and are worth trying out. Some of the best beginner kits are listed below.

Green Smoke


The Green Smoke e cigarette starter kit comes in a cute magnetic flap box. The box contains 3 x E Cig batteries (Two Long one short), 2 X Packs of long lasting cartomisers (5 in each pack), E Cig carry case, USB Charger as well as a Wall adaptor. For the electronic cigarette itself, everybody has quite accepted it as it retains the look of the traditional cigarette. It also has a highly responsive battery. This in itself means that you can comfortably use the e cigarette for the first time without having to wait for the battery to respond. A wide variety of flavors are supported. Green Smoke 3 starter kits: Green Smoke Love Birds Kit, Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit and the Express Kit.

Buy Green Smoke here.

JacVapour V1P PCC

The JacVapour V1P PCC is another amazing e cig that comes with some awesome starter kits. Both the experienced smokers and beginners are bent on finding it a great option. The contents are a Portable Charging Case, 2 X V3i Batteries (In The Kit On Review) Available in various sizes, 5 X Cartomisers, 5 X Colored bungs for cartomisers, USB Charging Cable together with a 2 X LED battery Tips. The portable charging case is among the most impressive things in the kit. It is a case that has a touch of elegance and seems to have the ability to last relatively longer. The battery responsiveness of this starter kit is also pretty good. There are two kinds of starter kits, Without PCC: Social Starter Kit, Basic Starter Kit, VGo Starter Kit and With PCC: V1P PCC Starter Kit and Jacvapour Advanced Kits.

Buy Jacvapour here.

The One Kit

This is all you need to kick start your e cigarette journey. With an excellent design that ensures both style and safety, the kit is undoubtedly worth a try. It comes with 1 x 650mAh Battery by UK ECIG STORE, 1 x RBC Clearomizer by UK ECIG STORE (Newly Designed), 1 x Fast charge’ USB charger by UK ECIG STORE and 1 x 5ml Bottle of Premium E Liquid. The flavors are also great.

Buy the one kit here.

The iTaste V3 Kit

This is a highly improved e cig starter kit. It comes with 1 x Aqwa Square Vari Battery – 800 mAh intelligent and adjustable battery, 1 x Aqwa DC – Dual Coil Clearomizer, 1 x Retractable Micro USB charger and 1 x FREE 5ml e liquid. It is simple to use and the flavors are pretty good too.

Buy it here.

Where to buy e cigs


Electronic cigarettes are fast being adopted by the smokers. This could be due to the fact that there are numerous advantages that are linked to them. Among the advantages of the e cigs is the fact that one gest to enjoy a smoke without having to inconvenience those around them. Unlike the tobacco cigs that send a whiff all around the smoker, the e cigarettes do not smell all that much. There are also numerous negative effects on the health of a smoker that is brought about by smoking that can be minimized through the use of e cigs. These could perhaps be the reason as to why many are adopting the electronic cigarettes. With these among other advantages, giving e cigs a try is often a great idea. What you need to consider next is where to purchase them from.

There are actually numerous avenues through which one can readily acquire electronic cigarettes. The first way to get your electronic cigar would be through the online platform. Online shopping for e cigarettes is often a great alternative for those looking for some. This is due to the fact that you do not only get to learn some new facts about the e cigs, but also get to know about the specific brands. The brands vary in both quality and function and through the information that you access online, you can decide on which ones are best for your individual needs. Establishing whether or not the online store from which you intend to purchase the e cigs offers quality cigarettes is also pretty easy. This is given the fact that you can simply check out for the reviews of the store online.

Another pretty obvious option is to visit your local tobacco store. For the individuals who reside in larger or mid-size towns, chances are pretty high that there is at least a store that deals in fine tobacco products. Typically, probabilities are high that you can acquire electronic cigarettes from such businesses. This makes it even a lot simple for the smokers. If such stores do not offer electronic cigarettes, you can get information from them as their workers are on most occasions armed with such details.

Getting electronic cigarettes is much easier as you could possibly imagine if you live in bigger towns. There is always a possibility that bigger towns have vape stores. With vape stores, it is even better as a result of the fact that latest models are available. You can therefore stop over at one of such stores and ask the vendors about the brands that they have in stock. The vendors are often filled in with the necessary information by the producers and as such are always at a position to ask most of the questions whose answers you may need.

Buying e cigs online is online is always a great way of acquiring them. You will access various information based on the flavors, brands and several other details.


Best vaping resources on the net

The use of electronic cigarettes, most commonly referred to as vaping, has led to mixed reactions from health officers and the public as well. The big debate concerning their safety is something that cannot be ignored. Both the benefits of these electronic cigarettes and their health risks are uncertain. While there is no concrete evidence why they can be substituted for medical regulation, they have proved to positively impact smoking cessation. If you are not sure about the benefits of vaping in reducing tobacco harm, you can find helpful information on the following sites:

Vape Hut (

Vape Hut is one of the best new blogs around covering everything from guides to reviews to news and discounts. It also puts leading brands head to head to see what is the best product like in their best clearomizer and best starter kit reviews.

Astray Blog (The Ashtray Blog)

Here you will find all the news about Vaping. You will also find deals and humor, not forgetting opinions about vaping. Learn what journalists, public health officers and scientists have had to say about electronic cigarettes. Ash Tray blog also offers a chance to place an order for E-Liquids and cartridges to ensure you have enough stock at affordable prices. Are majority of electronic cigarettes brands owned by leading tobacco companies? Well, if you never knew, you can read further details on this site.

Dick Puddlecote (

We are living in a world where drug use cannot be eliminated. Most smokers are in dilemma and have begun to turn a blind eye on IRA. Find out why, on this site. At Dick Puddlecote, you will learn about what the public health sector in England has said about electronic cigarettes. Do you support the idea of banning the use of e-cigarettes in work places and enclosed public places in Wales? The Public Health England, in their report on 19th august, indicated that there is negligible health risk on use of e-cigarettes to users and no risks to bystanders.

The Vaping Giraffe (


Recently, Dr. Glantz confirmed in his report that vaping will positively impact public health. The campaign for ‘Tobacco free Kids’ published a press release which indicated that e-cigarettes have proved a perfect gateway to smoking. The report reveals that youths who use electronic cigarettes are at high risk of using tobacco products. However, there is no evidence that e-cigarettes lead to youths to begin smoking. Therefore, there is no concrete demonstration for the gateway effect. Learn about this and much more on e-cigarettes at The Vaping Giraffe.

Oliver/Vaping (

E-cigarettes are criticized mostly because they come in a diverse range of flavors which attract children. This has been viewed as a strategy used by tobacco manufactures to hook kids to smoking and dependency on nicotine. Learn about the various brands and flavors through which Big Tobacco products come in. A research funded by CASAA indicated that electronic cigarettes are safe to use in public enclosed places since they cause minimal harm to bystanders and vapers.

Top E liquids

E liquid

The e liquid is the fundamental part of the electronic cigarette. It is the substance that is responsible for the sweet smelling vapor that tastes awesome from the e cigarettes. The taste happens to be one of the characteristics that define e cigarettes and as already stated, the e liquid is the substance that determines the taste. This only shows how important the e liquid is in the electronic cigarette. There are numerous kinds and blends of the e liquid. The best choice often depends on the unique taste of the user. However, some of the top e liquids include:

Frisco Vapor Marina

This is among the amazing e liquids that are produced by Frisco Vapor. Basically, the Frisco Vapor Marina is made of sweet fruits which are blended together to come up with an assorted collection. The Marina remains an option that is preferred by many of the e cigar smokers. It is blended in such a way that it has a close resemblance to the widely known Hi- Chew melon candy. There are two major flavors that make a great part of this particular e liquid. The prominent flavors are the Melon and the Sweet Fruits. The melon is such an amazing e liquid that it even won the Vape Summit Houston 2014: Best of Show Award in the division of Tropical and Exotic Fruits.

Buy it here.

Alice in Vapeland Mystic Mandalime

Another amazing e liquid is the Mystic Mandalime from Alice in Vapeland. If for anyone looking for an e liquid to take them to a whole new destination, this happens to be the ultimate thing. This e liquid brings together mandarin’s exotic breeze as well as lime. This is an amazing combination which together, can give you some sweet taste of tartness. The lime is bold and spicy and one is definitely bound to like it. There is also the delightful mandarin with a promise of sweetness. This e liquid is natural as there are no added colorings and sweeteners.

Read more about it here.

UK E Cig Store Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice is another great option. Vanilla has remained a favorite flavoring for quite a long time now. As can be drawn from the name Vanilla Ice, this e liquid is made from a blend of menthol and vanilla. Vanilla is a refreshing flavor and anyone who uses it in the e cigs is most likely to fall in love with it. The menthol on the other hand gives the e liquid a touch of smoothness which facilitates an all-day revitalization. It also comes in a wide range of nicotine levels for the user to choose from.

Buy it here.

UK E Cig Store Banana Burj

Want the flavor of fresh bananas leaving your e cigs, well; you might as well try out the Banana Burj. The favor has an awesome after taste. One of the features worth noting is the fact that it does not taste too sweet. It also comes with varying levels of nicotine.

These are among the top e liquids that are worth trying out. They have some great flavors that one is highly likely to fall in love with.

Buy it here.

Why switch from smoking to electronic cigarettes


Quite a number of people have adopted electronic cigarettes ever since they were introduced. There are however those who have remained loyal to the traditional cigarettes. While some people still struggle to establish the benefits that e cigarettes have over traditional cigars, others have already seen their importance. There are basically numerous facts that make the e cigarettes a better option for smokers.

In as much as smoking remains a common habit amongst many, there are several health conditions that come about as a result of it. A number of respiratory diseases and breathing disorders have come about as a result of smoking, lung cancer for instance. It is for such reasons that most health experts have discouraged the smoking habit. For one reason or the other, there are certain people who find it somehow impossible to quit smoking. This is among the cases in which electronic smoking comes in pretty handy.

Recent studies have shown that the negative impacts that the e cigarettes have on the health of an individual are relatively minimal. The studies have indicated that in comparison to tobacco cigarettes, e cigarettes have less damaging effects on the life of a smoker. The studies further state that electronic cigarettes are approximately 95% less harmful in comparison to the tobacco cigarettes. Due to their minimal negative effects on the lives of the users, there have been speculations that in the near future; they could be dispensed as licensed medicine to act as alternatives to anti-smoking products, patches for instance. It would therefore be wise for any smoker to switch from the use of tobacco cigarettes into e cigarettes.

Most smokers are often looking for great smoking experiences such as new smokes to try out. For such individuals, electronic cigarettes are an amazing option. This is due to the fact that the e cigarettes come in a variety of flavorings. For any smoker who would like something a little different from tobacco smokes, the flavorings of the electronic smokes provides something quite awesome. There have also been claims that the flavorings reduce the inhalation risks that are otherwise possessed by the tobacco cigarettes.

Due to the numerous health complications that come about as a result of smoking, there are certain smokers who have given a shot at quitting the habit. As addictive as it is, quitting smoking could be a very challenging procedure. Tobacco cigarettes are particularly very addictive and it is very difficult to stop smoking. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand have been endorsed as a great alternative to those who would like to quit smoking. It would therefore be very advantageous to switch into the use of e cigarettes as one can easily stop smoking when they are on it.

Though safer than the tobacco cigarettes, one should not be misled into thinking that the e cigarettes are entirely safe. They also have their own downsides and health risks, only that as compared to tobacco, they are somewhat safe. Therefore, for those who would like to stay free from the negative effects of smoking, abstaining is often the best possible option.



Which kind of e cigarette is right for me?

The introduction of the e cigarettes has brought a revolution into the entire smoking industry. With many smokers adopting the e cigs, it is fast becoming the in thing. There are a wide variety of the electronic cigarettes. This proves to be quite a challenge when it comes to selecting the right e cigarette for you. Everybody has got their own unique preferences and they are bound to find the range of e cigarettes pretty different. Some of the three most popular kinds that are going to be discussed here are the cigalike or the 2 piece e cigs, the ego style e cigs and the e- cig mods or the modded electronic cigs.

The 2 piece or the cigalike e cigs

This electronic cigarette kind could be the easiest to use, requiring very little skill or experience to start off your e cig journey. The procedures that are involved to start your use of this e cig kind is very simple. You will need to start by charging up the battery. After this, you will proceed to screw on the customizer, a fresh tip and you are ready to go. They were the first e cigs to be produced. These kinds of e cigs are still pretty popular and are common especially among the individuals who are trying to quit smoking. The two pieces are basically the battery and the cartomizer/cartridge. This is a great option for those who are just starting to use e cigarettes. This is due to the fact that it comes with cartridges that are filled with the e liquid. The e liquids have varying levels of nicotine and the choice depends on the smoker. It is therefore easy to use as all one has to do is to keep a stock of the cartridges and keep the battery recharged.

In our opinion, Vapourlites manufacture some of the best cigalikes anywhere in the world. Buy Vapourlites here.

Ego Style Electronic Cigarettes

If you like to make your own concoction of cigarette flavors, then you might want to try out the Ego Style Electronic Cigarettes. This kind has a larger tank and it enables one to buy e liquids at hand so that they can easily mix them up on their own. This kind of e cig has also been hailed as being more satisfying. This is due to the fact that its voltage can be adjusted so that you can have a stronger throat hit, higher production of vapor and more power. It has three pieces which are made up of the atomizer, the battery and the tank. It is the best option for one who is an experienced e cig smoker.

Buy Ego Style e cigarettes here.

E-Cig Mods and Modded Type Electronic Cigarettes

These kinds of e cigs have been adopted by those who do not find enough control from the ego style. This type has got the tank which holds the liquid. It also has the drippers onto which a user drops a few drops of the e liquid exactly onto the atomizer. By doing this, the user gets to vape a couple of puffs. With this type, you are way in control of the vapor production.

You can learn more about mods and how to use them on Reddit.